See what our student's think about the school

"Six months into my time with Sifu Pollock and I have learned so much! My balance has improved, my body has been strengthened, and I'm more mindful of my posture at any given moment due to my time in the Tai Chi class. And learning the tactical applications of the movements has led to a different level of understanding and a boost in confidence. I highly recommend Palmyra Kung Fu Center!"

— Gene S.

"Palmyra Kung Fu offers an incredible space to learn and grow physically and mentally while building friendships with others that love the martial arts. Sifu Pollock is a great instructor, explaining the “whys” and fine tuning the “hows” to encourage you to bring out your best, regardless of your level of fitness or ability."

— Erik L.

“Sifu Pollock is an amazing instructor. I have previous martial arts experience and Sifu Pollock is by far the best instructor I have ever had. He breaks all the movements down so they are easy to understand and can be done in a more affective way. I would definitely recommend Palmyra Kung Fu center. ”

— Mason B.

“I was looking for a good martial arts school to start training with my daughter and couldn't be happier that we chose Palmyra Kung Fu Center. Sifu Pollock does a fantastic job of explaining even complex moves in a very easy to understand fashion.

Even at this early stage, he makes sure to explain how each movement will tie in to more advanced techniques, as well as how they can be applied for self-defense in real world situations.

Well worth the 40 minute drive. Looking forward to training here for years to come.”

— Chris M.

“My son recently started Kung Fu and I have already noticed positive changes. He has had anger issues and has learned a positive way to handle things better when he is angry. His grades have also improved as he has more of a desire to do well as well as focus better. I am very thankful to Sifu Pollock for being such a positive role model. We drive 45 minutes one way and it is worth every minute and all the extra miles we drive. Palmyra Kung Fu Center is a blessing to our family. ”

— Shana L.

“This school and form of martial arts is great. Sifu Pollock is a very dedicated and friendly teacher and person in general. When you come to this school, you will get a wealth of knowledge from a martial arts school that is fulltime. Since it is a fulltime school, you are able to have options classes day or evening or both. There is Tai Chi and Arnis. Another benefit is that its about self defence, but what I love is the drive on health and fitness you get from it too. Sifu teaches how to build strength and healthiness during the process of learning the art. He is dedicated to your well being, health and martial art consistently with passion.”

— Dan P.

“Absolutely love learning here with Sifu Pollock! He's a great teacher!! I wanted to do kung fu to learn self defense and learn to adapt to stress better. In the past month i don't feel stressed, and I'm more confident. I'm practicing all day, everywhere i go because i just can't get enough. i look forward to class! Im so happy i am learning here. I highly recommend Sifu Pollock!! ”

— Candi C.

“Where do you even begin when trying to describe a place like this? First and foremost, Sifu Pollock. This man is not only professional, courteous, and knowledgable about his art. He is also constantly curious, ever striving, and ever a student. He speaks of his equals in rank, as well as his superiors and teachers with a respect and reverence that just emanates throughout the room which is the first thing that cemented my interest in staying at the school. He is also very respectful to students below him.

Some of the most interesting moments for me have been watching Sifu Pollock work something out, so that he can show us, or even when he may be working something out for another class as we arrive. It’s a wonderful thing to see that the person teaching you not only has gone through the same struggle you do with learning the physical and mental aspects of this art, but who also still pushes himself to his limit, so that he might pass it and better serve his students. When demonstrating technique you can see how strongly Sifu Pollock can strike, and how accurately, although he is never showboating. Every time I’ve seen him work, he has demonstrated everything as “If you work hard enough, you will too be able to do this eventually.”

My brother coaxed me into trying this school out, as Martial Arts has long been something he’s wanted to do. I was skeptical at first, but decided to jump out of my comfort zone for once. After my intro class with Sifu Pollock I was immediately more aware of my surroundings. He absolutely will not let you cower away from the learning (which is one of the reasons you’re looking for a school isn’t it?) During my first lesson I experienced someone being closer to me than I’m comfortable, and how to compartmentalize that. When I first learned shouts I felt self conscious, but saw immediately the importance and power behind them. Now having studied for a month I feel comfortable saying that I feel proud to shout as I learn, as though I’m saying “I’m strong, I’m here, I am ready for anything!”

On the other side of the coin you will learn to channel your inner peace. This seems as though it would be easy, but it is not. The most difficult thing for me is not holding a position or lifting a limb for a certain technique, but getting my mind out of my way with its constant “You can’t do this.” Pai Lum Schools will teach you how to stretch and relax your body, gain elasticity of both body and mind, and quiet the doubt and stress in you.

The fitness benefits are very apparent in this school and there are many points where simply being with a group will encourage you enough to push yourself that extra bit. And that extra bit may be enough to have a drastic change on your life in the long run. Body weight exercises and awesome stretching will limber you up quickly and encourage weight loss (a change in diet would compound this I’m sure) and strength gain. That being said, like any fitness regimen, it’s going to be up to your effort, ability, and capabilities that determines your progression. But like Sifu Pollock says in class “Even if it’s only 1/32 of an inch, it’s still forward progress.”

That’s the most important message you learn at Sifu Pollock’s school: Move forward. Always move forward. The amount of improvement isn’t important, the improvement itself is. That is a very humbling way of thinking. This is simply the best place I can imagine to learn martial arts. There are also Arnis weapons courses, Tai Chi, and Hatha Yoga throughout the week and month that you can take separately if you aren’t combat inclined or if you need to dip your toe in before you dive. They also all would compliment your Pai Lum Kung Fu training. This school is such a great addition to our community and a great addition to the network of Pai Lum schools in the area.

As for cost: I don’t feel it is my place to discuss the monetary aspects of the school in specific terms, but it is the best deal you can get I assure you. Trust me when I say, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not attend Palmyra Kung Fu Center.”

— Andrew C.