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Pai Lum Kung Fu, also known as White Dragon Fist Style Kung Fu, is a traditional Chinese martial art that has been passed down through generations of the Pai family.  The late Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai had devoted over 50 years to the development of the Chinese martial arts. His family's system of kicking, sweeping, punching, blocking, and joint locking techniques provides a means for development as a complete martial arts practitioner.

The emphasis of Pai Lum is on achieving maximum results with minimum effort.  Pai Lum develops: 

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body 
  • The ability to defend oneself 
  • Increased self confidence and self discipline 
  • A peaceful way to vent tension and aggression 
  • Patience in all aspects of life 
  • An understanding of the body and its unlimited potential 

Breathing exercises are taught so the student develops proper breathing and strengthens the body internally.  Basic stances, punches, kicks, and blocks are taught so that the student strengthens the body externally. Applications for these skills are then learned and practiced. 

"Forms" training - prearranged sequences of movements devised to further the student's understanding of basic techniques - is also used. Forms contain fighting theories and concepts of Pai Lum Kung Fu.

The White Dragon System gets its name from the mythological animal that has been exemplified as a creature who understands how its opponents fight.  This comes form the thought that the dragon comprises characteristics of all of nature's animals. 

The movements of animals, including tiger, leopard, snake, crane, and dragon, are taught so the student can develop characteristics of the animal's fighting prowess and learn to understand the "fighting attitude" embodied by the animals.

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