Philosophies of Pai Lum Kung Fu 



I am what I am because I choose to be. I am a dragon by choice, and am subject to it's law. My brothers and sisters are my heart and my mind. Even though we may disagree with each other, we strive to be one. Forgetting all categories, and letting energy which wishes to exist, exist. But as a Dragon, I must go forth to seek the Tao and the Void, understanding myself, and finding peace within.

- Master Daniel K. Pai



The warrior is a man who dedicates his life to the cause which makes him what he is. What governs the Warrior is the foresight that he has, to see beyond the present and into the future, beyond the capabilities of those who follow him. The Warrior is dedicated to defend the honor, the creed, the pride, and the self-respect for what he wishes to be called: Dragon,Dragon,Dragon 

Wisdom, courage, honor, strength, purity, All knowledge.

- Master Daniel K. Pai



    •    To serve people with good manners.

    •    To serve Elders with honor and respect.

    •    Will not use violence.

    •    Try to achieve the ultimate goal of God and the Sages.

    •    To remember always the true meaning of humility and good     character.

    •    And, to uphold and protect the Spirit of the Warrior.

- Master Daniel K. Pai



I am a man because of the nights and days I have seen;
I believe I am a man for the things I have done;
But all it is, is just feelings of sensations that are created by my mind;
Those that I touch know me as I am;
These simple arts that are called Kung Fu are feelings I have of the things I now love;
These high sensations and thrills of my spine, 
Are not love but a practitioner's body that cares for his art,
If I sound as if I am a dreamer...
Then let me dream as I practice this martial art that is called Kung Fu;
These strange feelings I have of knowing the word called devotion.

- Master Daniel K. Pai



Though struggling thru the veil of ignorance, I place faith in the precious protectors of the law, knowing that my heart shall forever change, I vow to perfect the understanding of the great way. Fearlessness of death and life is the double-edged sword of enlightenment which I shall carry. Respect to all, Trust in the Way, and service to the teachers are the doors to the path. All else is wasteful. Those of caution, fear and doubt need not enter within this great secret road, for it is strewn with the bones of those who could not defeat the Dragons of desire and wastefulness. Therefore,O Wise Ones, I pray that you guide me and direct me upon the path to attainment which I hereby promise to observe and follow faithfully. In the union of the ten directions and the voidness of idea lie expression and wisdom. I vow to attain them.